Ballet and Strength

with Miss Jessie Davison
April 9 to June 11*
Grades 6 and up
$140/8 week session - $125 (students already enrolled in BYPC dance classes or productions)

The foundation of a versatile dancer and performer is built on ballet technique, strength and flexibility. This class will cover it all! We will start at the ballet barre and move to center with a focus on proper ballet technique. After the ballet portion of the class we will spend some time on the floor doing strength building exercises and end the class with a stretch. This class is designed for experienced dancers currently enrolled in dance classes.

*(This is an 8 week session. Classes will not be held on Tuesday April 23 for April Vacation Week and Tuesday May 28 for Year End Show dress rehearsals.)

Ballet I

Ages 6-8

Students learn the basics of dance in BYPC's Ballet I class. Each ballet class begins with floor exercises and warm-ups designed to develop strong feet and flexibility. Then students work in the center of the studio learning basic ballet steps through repetition of movement while developing balance, strength, and flexibility. Students also develop a basic understanding of musicality in all the movement exercises.


Saturdays 11:15am-12:15pm

Ballet II

Ages 8-9
Ballet technique becomes a stronger focus in BYPC's Ballet II class. Students build flexibility and strength which are fundamental to all forms of dance. When doing barre work in these ballet classes, students work on flexibility and learn proper alignment, positions, and terminology, while floor work builds their fluidity, grace, and strength in movement preparing them for strong jumps and turns. Musicality and performance are stressed throughout.

Wednesdays, 5:00pm-6:15pm


Ballet III/IV

Ages 12-20

This advanced / intermediate ballet technique class takes students training further to continue working on flexibility, strength, technique, performance, and musicality. Both barre and floor work prepare dancers for more advanced positions.The most advanced ballet technique class at BYPC is reserved for intermediate and advanced dancers, and placement by instructor is necessary to ensure students can safely keep up with the rigorous training. This level of ballet training in Bedford, NH prepares students for pursuing professional dance opportunities worldwide.

Wednesdays, 5:00pm-7:00pm