Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Rehearsals for BYPC’s spring production of Shrek the Musical began January 9th and are now in full swing.  Saturday January 17th the cast had their first day of choreography and BYPC’s Nikkie Stroumbos spent four hours teaching full cast the choreography to the song Let Your Freak Flag Fly.  Freak Flag is a turning point in the show where the fairy tale creatures convince Shrek to take on a quest to confront the evil Lord Farquaad who has banished them from their homes!



Coming in to this morning of choreography Nikkie expected the cast to be familiar with the script but was blown away when everyone arrived ready to sing the song in it’s entirety. They had not only memorized the song but understood the feeling and the story that they needed to convey to make the song come to life.  



Throughout the morning the actors stayed focused and were all business but at points joked around with one another and had a lot of fun together.  Nikkie was struck by how well the cast worked together and encouraged one another.  A perfect example was when four of the actors, Hannah, Lauren, Sarah and Emily who had performed this dance at BYPC’s Year End Performance in 2014 stepped up by helping the cast with some of the more challenging steps and encouraging everyone to do their best.  Their leadership and the cast’s willingness to benefit from their experience shows that this group is well on their way to being an amazing ensemble.  


A production like Shrek the Musical requires talent, experience, teamwork and dedication.  This cast has it all in spades.  Each and every actor has come to the table with an array of gifts that they are willing to share and we are thrilled to be working with them to make a great show! 



All the things that make us special

Are the things that make us strong!

What makes us special,

Makes us strong!

Let your freak flag wave!

Let your freak flag fly!

Never take it down, never take it down

Raise it way up high!

Let your freak flag fly! Fly!


Click here to purchase tickets for Shrek the Musical or by calling the office at (603) 472-3894. 


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