Creative Kids Preschool at BYPC

Registration for Fall 2019 opens Tuesday January 22

Sharing the same mission as BYPC to grow the unique gifts within each child through the arts, our Creative Kids Preschool is the perfect place to start your child's learning experiences in Bedford, NH when they are most apt to learning new skills. As a New Hampshire state licensed, arts-integrated preschool, we open the doors for children ages 2 to 6 to learn naturally by respecting their distinctive learning styles and responding to their individual developmental needs in an environment rich with music, dance, and theatre. In addition to the performing arts, our Bedford preschool curriculum also ties in language, culture, science, math, and social sciences. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for a child's first introduction to a school setting, Creative Kids Preschool cares deeply about healthy social and emotional development and fosters autonomy, responsibility, self respect, and respect for others. The result of all these elements combined provides the structure needed for your child to grow and find the freedom to become who they are meant to be. 

Or call The office at (603) 472-3894.