Lyrical Dance Classes at BYPC

These Bedford, NH lyrical dance classes are tailor made for students who enjoy expressing emotions through movement. A sub-category of contemporary dance, lyrical dance employs the techniques of ballet with the creativity of jazz and modern dance. With choreography built around the song, students in these BYPC dance classes combine their dance talents with their understanding of musicality and appreciation for theatre. 

Lyrical III / IV

Ages 12 & up or by invitation
Wednesday, 8:00pm-9:00pm

Lyrical dance is a blend of ballet, jazz, and modern skills which requires a strong understanding of technique. Each lyrical class at BYPC begins with a center warm-up using core strength to help work the spine, foot work for balance, and floor warm-up for flexibility. Students will take a series of turns, leaps, and movements across the floor. The flow of movement combined with phrasing and musicality helps students to express the emotion of the movement. 

*Lyrical dance classes are only open to students also enrolled in a ballet technique class at BYPC.