A Personal Message from Our Director, Ann Davison

As a performing arts school based in Bedford, New Hampshire, our mission is to provide excellent education to our students. And in the course of doing so, it’s our greatest hope that we inculcate in our students the values we at BYPC hold dear — respect for one’s self and others, working hard to achieve personal goals, and meaningfully contributing to the community. In other words, when our students come through our doors, they’re gaining unique perspective and important life skills we hope will serve them now and in the future. We are grateful to be a part of their journey toward self-discovery.

Like our students, the directors and faculty of Bedford Youth Performing Company continually learn, grow, and strive for excellence in teaching, program development, and community outreach. We do this by being open, by listening to professional musicians, dancers, and educators with whom we come into contact, and by applying their wisdom and knowledge to our programs. Our students directly benefit from this though the creation of new paths and methods of learning, broad experience, and performing opportunities.

At BYPC, we utilize knowledge gained to offer a comprehensive program that is centered on quality training and skill development across music, dance, and theatre. Our faculty is comprised of true professionals who are passionate about both teaching and learning. Our shows are directed by professionals and offer students broad opportunities to apply their skills before an audience locally, and like dozens of BYPC alums, our teen students are often provided opportunities to perform at professional venues such as Walt Disney World and cruises, and in the process, they befriend and connect with other performers and return home with renewed insight and inspiration. A plethora of visiting artists — well-known choreographers, dancers, musicians, directors — teach special master classes at our Bedford, NH performing arts school which give our students exposure to a variety of styles and genres, as well as an important link into a vast human network of performing artists.

Our music education in Bedford, NH is truly world-class; our musicians are continually challenged by our music director’s creativity and influence as a musician, composer, and arranger. It is common for our students to work on complex musical arrangements including four-, five-, and six-part harmonies. At BYPC, our students strive to learn and become the best musicians they can be.

And that, in a nutshell, is what BYPC is truly about — excellence in teaching and the capacity to evolve into the best performing arts school we can possibly be. It requires enormous energy, understanding, and skill – qualities we are fortunate to have in abundance in our faculty and department directors, and that we in return cultivate in our students.


Ann Davison

Ann Davison

BYPC Director

Theatre, Preschool

Ann Davison, with husband Jeff, co-founded BYPC in 1996. She holds a B.A. in education and psychology from Boston College, pursued graduate studies in mass communications at Boston University, and completed a graduate degree in integrated art curriculum at Lesley University in May of 2015. She has trained at Broadway Teacher's Workshop, College Concierge, Leap 'N Learn, Leading Edge Dance, Musikgarten, Project Zero Institute at Harvard University, and Successful Studio Strategies. Ann has produced summer stock theatre as well as enrichment and remedial productions for school districts in Massachusetts, Florida and New Hampshire. She has also directed hundreds of students many of whom have made it into prestigious universities and several of whom have made it into summer stock, regional theatre, and Broadway performances.