Kindermusik at BYPC

Unlock the Magic of Music

Take your little one’s hand and watch the magic unfold as you step across the threshold into your BYPC Kindermusik class.  You will be lovingly greeted by trained and licensed early childhood music specialist inviting you and your child into the world of music - Kindermusik. 

Giggles and smiles abound captivating you and your child with every tantalizing tale, delightful dance and spirited song woven into each BYPC Kindermusik lesson specifically designed to meet your child’s developmental needs and tailored to adapt to his learning style laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our fun filled learning follows you and your child home with a treasure trove of music, books, and educational toys in your BYPC Kindermusik home materials, an undeniable added value unique to Kindermusik. Its our version of the most yummy doggie bag - no refrigeration required!  

So let’s find the perfect class for you and your child.

Join our community today as we welcome you home.