Summer at BYPC

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Creativity is key every the summer at BYPC.  From Music, Dance, Theatre and Preschool programs for students ages 2 through teen!  Summer is a great time to improve on skills already learned or try something new!  Build your skills as a performer but reap rewards in academics and confidence. 


June 19-23
Preschool Music Camp (ages 3-6)
Preschool Discovery Science Camp (ages 4-6)

June 26-30
Preschool Taste of Broadway Camp (ages 3-6) 
Taste of Broadway Camp 9:00-4:00pm(grades 1-8)
Dance Sampler 4-5:30pm

July 10-21 (Two Week Camp at Goffstown High School)
BYPC Presents Magic Tree House - Pirates Past Noon
Musical Theatre Production Camp (grades 1-2)  9:00am-4:00pm $425

July 10 - 14
Rock Band II (Grades 7-12) 4:00-9:00pm $275
Young Musicians Camp (grades 1-4)
Mozart, Picasso and Astaire - a Creative Kids Preschool Camp (ages 3-6)

July 17-21
Discover the Outdoors - a Creative Kids Preschool Camp (ages 3-6)

July 24-28
Plant a Creative Seed - a Creative Kids Preschool Camp (ages 3-6)
Rock Band I (Grades 4-6) $275
BYPC Presents Musical Theatre Camp  (grades 1-2) 1 Week Camp at Goffstown High School

July 31-August 4
Superhero Camp - a Creative Kids Preschool Camp (ages 4-6) 

August 7-11
Leap Into Dance Sampler (Ages 3-6) 9-2pm $200
Taste of Broadway the Sequel (Grades 1-8) 9-4pm $275
Recording Camp (Grades 7-12) $275

August 14-18
Discovery Science (Ages 4-6) 9-2pm $200
The Jungle Book - Musical Theatre Production Camp (gardes 1-4)
Alice in Wonderland - Musical Theatre Production Camp (grades 5-8)

Dance Samplers 4-5:30pm (Grades 1-4) 

Tuition in full is due at registration and is non refundable.

Please contact office directly with any questions you might have about any of BYPC's summer offerings.