Performance Opportunities


Performance Opportunities

Numerous concerts, recitals, showcases, plays, musicals and outreach events are held throughout the year and give students a wide range of opportunities to engage and entertain audiences throughout southern New Hampshire. Participation in these events enables students to showcase their skills and become well-rounded performers. 

A valuable aspect of an arts education is performance opportunities.  Throughout their journey to a performance students are developing skills that go beyond the stage. They are working toward a goal, building confidence in themselves, they are a part of a community, and they make precious memories.  Students reflect on their own performances and set new goals for themselves as they celebrate their fellow performers.  They learn to embrace mistakes and realize that the world doesn’t end when a line is forgotten or a solo needs to be stopped and started over. They learn how to just keep going and are reassured when they are met with applause in the end! 

Performances are a celebration that bring the community together and these celebrations become memories that will last a lifetime.  They are an opportunity to inspire audiences and the performers themselves and at BYPC we believe that they are an integral component to education, not only in the arts but in all aspects of learning. 


Below is a listing of BYPC ’s upcoming performances for the 2019/2020 school year.