Make an Impact through the Performing Arts 

Even a small donation to BYPC contributes to a big difference in the many lives we touch through our Circle of Giving programs and services. Performing arts education provides delights individuals of all ages, and it allows children to grow, discover their unique talents, find their inner voice, and build confidence!

To everyone who has made a monetary or time donation, we thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey. Our Circle of Giving outreach in Bedford, NH is only possible through the kindness of supporters like YOU

Contribute to BYPC's Circle of Giving

Your donation allows us to continue providing arts education and recreation to our community. From programs at fellow nonprofits to scholarships for those in-need to free performances around town, your money goes directly to the Circle of Giving outreach efforts. You can also donate your time by volunteering.

*All donations to BYPC's Circle of Giving are directly and securely made through PayPal.

Spread the Word

The Circle of Giving spreads the joy of music, theatre, and dance to those outside of our studio walls, and now it's your turn to spread your love for the performing arts to those outside of this website! Share with your friends and family and let everyone know why this cause is important to you.