Voice Lessons at Bedford Youth Performing Company

Voice lessons at our Bedford, NH performing arts studio provide comprehensive music education that leads our students to their many goals and dreams. Whether students are interested in singing for pure enjoyment, or belting out show tunes on Broadway, our range of voice lessons and classes provide the best type of training for all pursuits. Beginners can start early in the BYPC preschool chorus, children to teens can participate in group voice classes, and 14-year-olds to adults can schedule private voice lessons to receive individual attention. All students are encouraged to add-on movement and theatre classes to round out their performing skills and make the most of their talents. 

GRoup Voice Beginner

Ages 7-10

BYPC's Group Voice Beginner class introduces students to vocal techniques focusing on proper breathing and vocal techniques, group harmonizing and reading music.  Using a variety of musical genres the goal is to embark on a life time love of music.  

Tuesdays 5:15 - 6:15

Group Voice Intermediate

Ages 11-15

BYPC's Group Voice Intermediate class helps students perfect singing techniques. Students focus on developing proper breathing techniques, sound formation, projection, blending, and harmonizing while exploring a variety of music genres.

Tuesdays, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Group Voice Advanced

Advanced Group Voice is the perfect class for the student who performs. The class will focus on technique, theory, harmony, blending, and reading music. These skills will all build to prepare students for private lessons. This class is by invitation only.

Private Voice Lessons

Ages 14+

Private voice lessons at BYPC offer an individualized approach to the foundations of healthy vocal technique, including breath support and control, intonation, flexibility, range, and power. Our voice teachers are active performers as well as experienced educators in a variety of styles and genres, and work with each student to develop an appropriate and personalized course of training. BYPC's professional voice teachers know how to encourage and educate students by encouraging them to "find their own voice", and they have a consistent record of producing talented, confident singers across all styles of music. 
30, 45, or 60 Minutes

*Please note that we will follow-up to schedule lessons and complete your registration as soon as possible.