Bravo & Thanks to Our BYPC Supporters

We can't thank our supporters enough for making Bedford Youth Performing Company possible. Through the continued generosity of our sponsors and friends we can keep following our mission of growing gifts through the arts! Please browse, applaud, and support the great sponsors, grants, friends, and advertisers of BYPC. 

Stellar Sponsors

Thanks to all of these gracious sponsors for helping to make BYPC a special place and for supporting performing arts education in Bedford, NH. 

Generous Grants

BYPC is the proud recipient of grants and support from prestigious cultural and charitable foundations and organizations in recognition of excellence in teaching, performing, and community service. We owe gratitude to these foundations and organizations that over the years have allowed us to continue to pursue excellence. 

Friends of BYPC

The board, staff, and students of BYPC thank the following individuals and business for the donation of monies, services, and goods.

  • Julianna Nagy & Saleem Abdelsayed
  • Denice Baker
  • Kate Baker
  • Anne & Randy Barnhart
  • Kevin & Cheryl Boyarsky
  • Lisa & Sean Campbell
  • Leslie & Phil Capistran
  • Deb & Eric Carlson
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Frank & Barbara Cauterucci
  • Louise Lee
  • Seth Cohen
  • Tiffany & Daniel Cohen
  • Kim Daneault
  • Jessica Davison
  • Kate Davison
  • Sheila & Rich Davison
  • Ann & Jeff Davison
  • Robert Evarts
  • Gallery Portraits
  • Michael & Roberta Graybill
  • Kathleen & Jim Hogan-LeVentis
  • Bob & Celia Howard
  • Susannah & Rich Humphrey
  • Elisa & Dennis Jaques
  • Lauren & Warren Jenkins
  • Alyse & Steven Kanter
  • Karla & Robert Kittler
  • Tracey & Rick Lack
  • Vivien Law & Ephraim Lin
  • Dana Leach & Carolyn Marquis
  • Yangwon & SB Lee
  • Geoffrey & Nicole Ling
  • Grace Magin
  • Maureen & Sean McDonald
  • David & Dawn Murry
  • Jeanne & Inauris Picard
  • Kevin & Suzanne Rankins
  • Sharon & Tom Rohlfs
  • Vladmir & Mariel Sinkov
  • Debbie Smith
  • Lamberto & Laurie Tedeschi
  • Anna Wallich
  • Lisa & Cory Wess
  • Catherine & Todd Whitney
  • Lynn Whitney

Support the Arts!

If you also feel strongly about the importance of arts in education and the impact it has on developing children, perhaps you'd like to support Bedford Youth Performing Company. We always appreciate contributions of time or tax-deductible donations to keep our organization thriving. Learn more on how you can get involved by clicking below.