Keyboard and Piano Lessons in Bedford, NH

Bedford Youth Performing Company offers keyboard and piano lessons for everyone from beginning to advanced students. Options for learning to play piano begin with BYPC's Kindermusk program for young children and individual piano instruction for students ages 7+. Older students looking for group instrumental classes including the piano may enjoy BYPC ensembles like Rock Band and Jazz / Blues Combo. 

I love having Jeff for my teacher! He's nice, funny, and lets me pick my own style of songs and music.

Tobey, age 8

Private Piano Lessons

Ages 7+

Individual piano lessons at BYPC in our Bedford, NH studio cover all levels of experience and many styles of music including classical, popular, traditional, and jazz styles. One-on-one instruction allows students to get world-class piano education from talented musicians and caring teachers. 

30, 45, or 60 Minutes

*Please note that we will follow-up to schedule lessons and complete your registration as soon as possible.