Our son, who is 11, has been enrolled in the guitar program for 3 plus years now and LOVES it! The teachers he has had over the years are simply the most caring and wonderful of people, and better yet, actually like kids! He gets to “rock out” every week in the Rock Band class as well, which is just the proverbial “icing on the cake” of fun! Over the years our son has participated in several summer camps as well, and enjoyed them immensely. The owners of BYPC take great pride and care in choosing people to teach who truly WANT to do it, as well as making sure they are highly qualified! And it shows!!! We feel like family there, and in many ways, we are!

Cecilia Howard

Three years ago, my husband and I set out to find the right preschool for our daughter. She is our only child; and I really had no idea where to start.  The ones in our own town seemed nice but nothing that really set one apart from the next.  We broadened our search to be closer to our jobs, and that brought us to exploring BYPC.  The main thing that really drew me to BYPC was the amount of exposure to different types of dance, music and theatre the kids are exposed to. And they do it all in a course of a school day! 

My daughter has flourished at BYPC.  Deciding to keep her here for full time Kindergarden was a no brainer.  Ann & Jeff Davison have done a wonderful job with creating a perfect environment for  allowing kids to grow and be creative. I don't think I can express with pen and paper how unique and caring each teacher is.  I have felt comfortable approaching each teacher with any questions I have had along the way.  They make the kids feel that their voice matters. I have watched the interactions that they have with not just my daughter but her classmates as well. They really take the time to understand each child's emotional and developmental stage.  At the end of the year they have a slide show of pictures taken of the kids doing different projects throughout the year.  I am always amazed at the diversity and the amount of hands on activities that kids do!

This year our daughter moves on to first grade in our town.  Even though we are excited for her next academic chapter; we all  have a bit of sadness thinking of not being at BYPC Creative Kids. We are so blessed that her roots are at BYPC. She is also excited she can still go to BYPC to continue her violin, dance and acting classes.

Jaime Morin

I love having Jeff for my teacher!  He's nice, funny, and lets me pick my own style of songs and music.

Tobey, age 8

Jeff really has a personal connection with each of his students and their families.  He is able to discover and work with each student's unique learning style and personal preference while still challenging them to stretch themselves and grow to become well rounded musicians.  His passion for music, teaching, and his students make him a great choice for anyone searching for a high quality music teacher.  

Amie Jones

The Creative 2's Program at BYPC is a fabulous starting point for your child's school experience.  The timing and organization is perfect for the little minds and personalities to learn to play and socialize outside of the home.  Miss Nancy is the absolute best! You can truly see her caring and passion for all of her students and this joyful (yet difficult at times) age group.  Miss Becca and Miss Christine are also wonderful teachers with great patience and care for the children.  I was so pleased with the program I'll be signing my son up as well when the time comes.
Lauren Thibault